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How it Works

Click here for information on HOUSE SITTING

Click here for information on OFFERING YOUR HOLIDAY HOME FOR SWAP


1 -On request we will send you the registration form.
This asks for information about your property, relevant for potential house-swappers. e.g.:-number of bedrooms available, whether or not your home is suitable for children; we will ask about your garden, pets, your immediate locality, its sports and other amenities, and about your church.

2- To register with ‘Chacs’, you just need to fill in and return the registration form. This can be by post or email and there is no charge for registration.

3- On receipt of this, and from the information that you give us, we write a profile of your property which we ask you to check, before it is included in the online brochure. Your profile is identified by a reference number. We shall also ask you to email a few photographs.

4- We then contact your church leader just to ask him/her to verify their knowledge of you. (This is for everyone’s peace of mind.)

5- We enter your profile onto the online brochure, and this is identified by your reference number only. 

6- Contact details, i.e. phone &/or email addresses, are held in a 'members only' area and accessed by a secure password. 

7-We ask you to browse the brochure and then make contact with people in the properties that interest you for a house-swap.  Guidelines for this are given to members.

If you would like Christian house-sitters while you are away from home, please click on 'house sitting' above, and email us.

NB:-  No smoking in any properties unless otherwise indicated.